Kurt Tools

Tools for Scratch projects — based on Kurt. Made by blobby tables.

Text Parser

Write Scratch projects using a text syntax.

This project is deprecated. I'm working on a replacement.

The Code

The syntax is very simple: just write the blocks as you would read them.

Parantheses are optional, but usually not required. Enclose text inserts and broadcasts in single ' or double " quotes. Indentation is ignored.

For example:

when I receive "start" 
set foo to 4 
repeat until timer > 7
    turn left 5 degrees
    move distance to mouse-pointer / 4 steps
    change foo by 3 + 4 * 6 - 7

Operator precedence works for mathematical operators, so 3 + 4 * 6 - 7 is evaluated as (3 + (4 * 6)) - 7.

Separate scripts with double newlines.

You'll need to define variables, lists, and other sprites before you can use them. Give their names below, one per line:

Global Variables

Sprite-specific Variables

Global Lists

Sprite-specific Lists

Sprite Names